BMW i8 Will be Available for Slightly Under £100k

BMW i8 Will be Available for Slightly Under £100k

Prices of the much heralded BMW i8 has been announced. For UK consumers, the car will start at £99,845, which is much cheaper than many experts have forecasted. In the UK alone, there are more than a hundred pre-orders of the car and BMW is hoping that the car will have strong sales after the official launch date.

The i8 is designed to bring life to the earlier M1 model and we caught glimpses of the car, when it appeared on the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol back in . Ever since then, automotive journalists and the public have been clamoring for more information and soon, they could take this revolutionary BMW model out for a spin.

The mid-mounted 1.5-itre turbocharged diesel engine provides 236 lbs-ft of torque and 231hp to the rear wheels. The front-electric motor contributes an additional 184 lbs-ft of torque and 131hp. The car can reach a maximum governed speed of 160mph and sprint from zero to 60mph in just 4.8 seconds.

For improved stability, the BMW i8 has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution in its aluminum and carbon fibre chassis. The car can reach 430 miles with a full tank and 31 miles more with the all-electric motor; estimated at 94mpg. The BMW i8 sips fuel at a rate lower than any car maker can promise to users.

2014 BMW i8


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