Details on BMW i3 Leaked

Details on BMW i3 Leaked

The BWM i3 could become among the most radical cars in the UK next year. It will come with different facets of innovations, such as a somewhat van-like design, which is a bit too tall for a BMW model. The CERP (carbon-fibre reinforced plastic) body should be strong enough, so that designers don’t need to place a center pillar between the doors.

Its Li-ion battery is housed inside an aluminum rolling chassis, which is paired with an electric motor that provides power directly to the rear wheels. The petrol engine itself is just an optional feature and that’s the first for a BMW model. It serves only as the range extender, which is useful if drivers typically travel beyond the car’s battery range, between 80 and 100 miles. But, BMW said that the engine isn’t meant for daily use and should be used only during emergencies.

For some consumers, electric cars may not be as entertaining as they would think, especially when we consider the underpowered motors. Economy is prioritized far ahead of the driving dynamics, but even so, the car hasn’t lost its family lineage completely. Handling is surprisingly neutral and taut. The BMW i3 is still really fun to drive; the steering is really light and torque steer doesn’t really compromise anything.

2014 BMW i3


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