Honda Releases the CR-Z Sport Hybrid

Honda Releases the CR-Z Sport Hybrid

Honda has offered the CR-Z Sport Hybrid for sale and it carries the fuel consumption level. The car has been considered by some as a hybrid with a bit of sporty design. At 6000rpm, the car deliver 140lbs-feet of torque and 130hp. The car still has superior mpg thanks to its gas-electric hybrid power train with integrated motor assist.

However, the actual mileage may eventually depend on how users maintain and drive their cars. It is powered by a 16-valve engine with 4-cylinder 1.5l SOHC design. The accompanying DC brushless15kW motor is paired with a 144V Li-ion battery. There are three different driving modes, Sport, Normal and Econ, which allow drivers to adjust preferred balance between performance and fuel economy.

The Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid is competitively priced to fit the bill for more buyers. Its direct competitor would be the Prius C, which more frugal, but less fun to drive.

2014 CR-Z Sport Hybrid


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