Jaguar F-Type Preview

Jaguar F-Type Preview

The Jaguar F-Type could be a direct successor to the popular Jaguar E-Type. It is also a 2-seater sport car model that packs power and beauty, with its technological and engineering excellence. The F-Type is appropriate for users that focus on maximum driver involvement, agility and performance.

The F-Type is available in two engine options, the supercharged V8 5.0l 495hp and the less powerful supercharged V6 3.0l 380hp engines. The former can push the F-Type to 100km per hour in only 4.3 seconds and it can reach up to 300 km per hour.

With its asymmetrical cockpit design, the internal layout simply wraps around the driver. Vehicle controls should all be reachable at the fingertips. As an example, the climate control knobs can help drivers to finely adjust the temperature level. The 8-inch touchscreen color display is a command hub that manages the navigation system.

The car supports audio streaming with iPod and/or voice calling with smartphones through standard USB port. Inside, the cabin is nicely covered with lightweight soft fabric. Drivers can keep down or lift up the car to the boot level. The large grille opening and nicely designed headlight at the front end, give the F-Type a lovely appearance.

2014 Jaguar F Type


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