Kia Soul EV Will Arrive to UK in Q4

Kia Soul EV Will Arrive to UK in Q4

Kia has recently revealed that it will sell the Soul EV in the United Kingdom through a number of specialist dealers in the country. But, it is not known how many Soul EV units the company is planning to sell. The car requires specific servicing equipment’s  charging bays and special training.

Apparently, Kia chooses to launch niche models as an attempt to boost its appeal among car enthusiasts.  The Commercial Director of Kia UK, Shabsogh, promised that the electric Soul will arrive around the end of .

Apparently, KIA UK is undecided on how it should market the new EV. The company needs to set a proper pricing. Another question is whether they should lease the battery or put it as a fully complete car package. But whichever option KIA would take, the company may already know that it won’t make enormous sales in the UK from the car.

The aim is simply to demonstrate that it is already capable of delivering bleeding-edge EV technology. More money would be made in the long-term through charging networks and servicing facility. So, KIA needs to prepare a good infrastructure in the UK before launching the car.

Kia Soul EV


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