Mini Cooper is Officially Announced in Oxford

Mini Cooper is Officially Announced in Oxford

The Mini Cooper has finally been unveiled at its Oxford manufacturing plant. The company provided is some basic details of the car including its pricing, the basic Mini Cooper would cost £15,300, while the more powerful Mini Cooper S at £18,650. The Mini Cooper D will be a mid-tier model, priced at £16,450.

BMW has taken the expected evolutionary approach to the Mini’s design, although the car retains the same iconic shape and similar styling. However, it has a larger grille and more rounded LED headlights. There’s a set of bigger rear lights at the back, quite similar to what we see on the Mini Countryman 4×4.

The Mini Cooper is taller, wider and longer too; but it still looks compact. The changes in physical dimension are intended to make the car more comfortable for drivers and passengers. As an example, the boot is now larger at 211 litres, compared to 160 litres on earlier models. To further improve comfort, users can now recline the rear seats.

The new Mini Cooper is powered by the new 1.5-litre turbocharged engine – offering 114bhp for the diesel Mini Cooper D and 134bhp for the standard, petrol Mini Cooper.

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