Mini Will Arrive in the UK With a New Head-Up Display

Mini Will Arrive in the UK With a New Head-Up Display

The Mini Cooper will arrive soon and the all-new hatchback includes a new in-car assistance system. The initial batch will be release on November 18 from the Oxford plant. The head-up display projects relevant information to users such as speed limit in the area, current driving speed, fuel level and others.

The parking assistance system includes a reversing camera that can adjust itself automatically based on current traffic and driving conditions. An automatic system also dims the headlights automatically to avoid blinding other road users at night. The system is also equipped with video-based distance and speed controls that aid drivers to keep a safe distance from cars in the front.

The built-in city-brake feature and the pedestrian warning system should help to improve safety during urban driving. The windscreen-mounted camera can detect other vehicles and pedestrian. A visual and audible warning will be issued, if an object moves too close. If the driver doesn’t respond in time, the system will activate the brake to prevent a collision.

After the initial release in November 18, the car should make early global debuts in various motor shows in Japan and the United States. It is expected that the Mini will be available in the United Kingdom in early .

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