Nissan Adds New Enhancements to Versa Note 1.6S

Nissan Adds New Enhancements to Versa Note 1.6S

With its $13,900 base price, the Nissan Versa Note 1.6S could make a perfect sense and it should be comfortably affordable for most consumers. It will be a small economy car that won’t make us feel bad about using an economy car.

Despite being a basic sub-compact car, the Versa Note 1.6S is still able to carry five passengers comfortably and their stuff easily. With regular unleaded gasoline, the car should be rated 36mpg on the highway and 27mpg in the city. Its 1.6l, four-cylinder in-line engine can get users 107 lbs-feet of torque and up to 109hp; enough for daily urban usage.

The interior of the car is only slightly better than mediocre, with washable cloth seats and hard plastics abound. Stain and spill should be easier to clean.. Inside there is speed-sensitive volume control, high-definition backup camera, electronic keyless entry and onboard navigation.

Everything inside the car should make the Note 1.6S feels a tad under upper-class category. The Versa Note 1.6S is generally well-made with excellent fit and finish. Nissan’s new sub-compact car may not be the sexiest ride around, but it should be appropriate for consumers who understand the value of efficiency.

Nissan Versa Note 1.6S


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