Tesla S Will Use Android OS and Chrome Web Browser

Tesla S Will Use Android OS and Chrome Web Browser

It has been recently revealed that the models of the Tesla S will be updated with Android operating system and Google Chrome web browser. The company’s CEO recently announced this new detail, but he also pointed out that the new change won’t happen overnight.

Next year, new Tesla users will be able to benefit from the full functionality of Android platform and access the web via the Chrome-based in-car browser. Current Tesla models are equipped with a Linux fork that supports modified iOS and Android apps. On upcoming cars, it would be easier for developers to write third-party Android apps for the car, thanks to its improved compatibility.

The Tesla S family is consisted of pure electric car models, which reasonably long travel distance on a single battery charge. Inside, there’s the biggest touchscreen display of any road car. The 17-inch display isn’t only intended to deliver navigation guidance and dynamic information, it also replace many analogue dials and switches that typically litter that car cabins.

The company also revealed that it is planning to sell more Tesla units in Germany than in the United States. The country has excellent infrastructure for electric car, with dozens of supercharging stations available along the speed limitless Autobahn.

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