Jaguar XKR Offers A Few Nice Little Enhancements

Jaguar XKR Offers A Few Nice Little Enhancements

The Jaguar XKR is a brawnier version of the Jaguar XK and the company first released four years ago. The model of the car is equipped with a rear camera; while the communication centre and the audio system of the centre screen remain unchanged. The lever and buttons on the steering column are still similar to on cars released when Ford still owned the brand.

The new Jaguar XKR offers very comfortable front seats and the owners can fit large grocery bands on the back seat. The trunk is reasonably spacious and adequate for items that we can’t put on the car’s back seats.

Performance enthusiast could be disappointed to know that the XKR still use the same old 5-litre V8 supercharged engine. Nevertheless, with 510hp at 6000rom, it goes without saying that owners still get a significant amount of power ready to be unleashed by their right foot. Hearing the roar of the engine would be a pure pleasure for anyone who hears it for the first time.

Like its name, the Jaguar XKR is not a docile car. At 100 km per hour, the engine screams at 3000rpm and the transmission becomes completely manual. It may not be a completely new car, but still has some many things to offer.

Jaguar XKR


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