Mazda 6 Review

Mazda 6 Review

The restyled Mazda 6 is a car with youthful and sophisticated looks without being gaudy. Mazda calls the design Kodo (Soul of Motion), which is highlighted by the flowing lines and the car’s signature grille. Compared to its predecessor, the car is better-looking, roomier and bigger. It has an excellent level of finish, generous trunk and enough room for five passengers.

The Mazda 6 has a coupe-like profile that gives it’s a dynamic and sporty persona. The nose is pointed and low, with pronounced front fender arches. Mazda releases three trim levels of the, the basic model ($20,880 or £12,775), the Touring ($24,495 or £15,000) and the Grand Touring ($29,495 or £18,000). All are powered with a 185-horsepower, four-cylinder and 2.5-liter engine. Paired with the 6-speed manual transmission, the Mazda 6 offers adequate performance level.

The car is rated 37mpg on the highway and 25mpg in the city, which may directly indicate that the company emphasizes more on improving the fuel economy. In some situations, this could leave users wanting for a bit more oomph for the expense of some mpg. Mazda promises that it will introduce a version with 2.2l diesel engine, which should deliver better fuel economy, improved throttle response and larger torque.

2014 Mazda 6


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