Mercedes Benz Introduces the Highly Secure Model of S550

Mercedes Benz Introduces the Highly Secure Model of S550

Mercedes Benz recently launched a model from the S Class family, the S550. The German-based company is long heralded as an important benchmark in the luxury sedans market. Its new flagship, the S550 cradles drivers and passengers with various luxurious features, including comfortable hot-stone message.

Mercedes Benz really made the strides in the engineering, safety and design areas, which were pioneered in early S-Class models. These latest implementations have make their ways through the model of S550, allowing it to reach the general public.

There are also numerous sophisticated accident-avoidance functionalities, including the “Magic Body Control” that detects the road condition ahead to adjust the suspension characteristics accordingly.

  • Bas Plus analyzes traffic data in a specific area and implements proper brake assistance to prevent accidents in crowded intersections
  • Pre-safe Plus prevents rear collisions with the rear-facing radar.
  • Pre-safe Brake automatically slows down the car to 31mph as a way to improve driver’s reaction and partially mitigate accidents.
  • Distronic Plus is a steering assistance feature with cruise control system and radar.

Other safety features include Night View Assist Plus to detect animal and human at dark road at night.

Mercedes Benz S550


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