Porsche Macan Will Have Unique Quad-LED Headlights

Porsche Macan Will Have Unique Quad-LED Headlights

The Porsche Macan is a new car model with intriguing, new lighting and a number of cool features. In fact, in order to keep its appearance a secret, Porsche hid the car’s taillights and headlights during recent test runs. It is a good thing that the company has finally revealed the first teaser photo of the Macan and it shows a unique headlight configuration.

It appears that the Macan will offer Quad-LED headlights, which makes it the second Porsche model with such lights. The Quad-LED configuration is also used by the Panamera Sport Turismo. With the second appearance of Quad-LED, many have expected that it will become a standard on upcoming Porsche models.

As the features starts to take off, consumers would know how classy these lights are and how well they would work. The more basic Porsche Macan S will be equipped with a turbocharged, 3.0l V6 engine and the Macan Turbo will have the more powerful 3.6l force-fed engine. Both will have dual-clutch gearboxes and seven-speed PDK.

More information on the Macan can be gathered from the car’s official micro-website. It shows that car seems to have a compact crossover design based on the Cayenne. The Macan S will be available in the UK for around £35000 and the Turbo Macan for around £50,000.

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